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About Phari Media

Zophar Bussie founded Phar~Ree Productions. Mr. Bussie has produced and directed.

Mission statement: Phar~Media LLC mission is to enrich people’s lives with films and videos that inform, educate and entertain. 

Company history: After graduating from Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL in 2000,

Operational structure: Zophar Bussie is the primary director, editor, and producer. However, depending on the project their maybe other involved in the content creation. These individuals will be seasonal employees and/or independent contractors of Phari~Media LLC.

Ownership: Phari~Media LLC is owned and operated by Zophar Bussie,


Phari media

Department of Corrections, LA Boxing, and UFC Gyms (Turnersville and Cherryhill, NJ). As Zophar evolved in his career in production media by working as the second cameraman for “Black Wine the Movie” as well as various productions for Nickelodeon Games and Sports Network; Phar~Ree Productions evolved into Phari~Media LLC.

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Expert Team

We are a trained group of professionals with experience in an array of multi-type productions.

Affordable Prices

We offer production package suitable for all client needs.

Attractive Design

We are versatile and can produce content for all client needs.

24 Hour Service

We have flexible scheduling and on time delivery

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Expert Team

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What Client Say

Louise Layton Deputy Warden, Special Operations Group

Thank you for your dedication to this project. I am very pleased with the outcome and look forward to utilizing them in the promotion of DOC. Thank You

Harold Mack Training Instructor Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, DOC4 Inclusion

Hello Mr. Bussie, How are you doing? Your work is without question – tremendous!

Tonya Jones Owner & Operator of Encourage A Life Counseling Center

Phari Media Production, shot many of our infomercials and videos. Phari Media reliability, creativity and thoughtfulness have made them an incredible partner in our company’s marketing mission, and we consider ourselves fortunate to have found Phari Media Productions.